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Field Inspections

If your product or equipment has been recently installed and is missing the proper UL labels, UL's Field Inspection Service can provide an onsite inspection to allow the product to be field labeled. This service can help you avoid costly removal and replacement of your product, saving you both time and money.

To qualify for this service, the equipment or products should meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have an active UL certification.
  2. Must have been manufactured at a UL authorized manufacturing facility in accordance with the active UL Procedure.
  3. Should not have been in use for more than one year.

In addition, minor modifications performed in the field are permissible on equipment or products provided that the modifications are fully in accordance with the UL Procedure. Such modifications shall be made by the manufacturer authorized in the UL Procedure that covers the equipment or product.

All Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment (IMTE) required as part of the UL Follow Up Services Procedure or used in the conduct of the inspection of the product must be provided to our Field Representative by the applicant, manufacturer or on site contact. The IMTE must be calibrated and included in a calibration system.

If you would like to request this service please complete the Field Inspection Application form.

Only the UL Applicant for the file, the Manufacturer of the product, or Distributor may initiate the Field Inspection of a product. If you are not the UL Applicant, the Manufaturer, a Distributor of the product, or if your equipment or products do not meet the criteria for a UL Field Inspection, UL's Field Evaluation Service may be the solution. The Field Evaluation Service is intended for evaluating installed equipment that has not been previously investigated by UL, or has been significantly modified in the field for the specific installation or application, or modified by other than the original manufacturer. To learn more about this service visit the Field Evaluation Services web site. If you are unsure which service is right for your application please contact UL at 1-877-UL-HELPS and select option #2 from the menu.

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